Terpene Sample Packs

Simply the easier way to get started is our SYZYGY Sample Pack. We offer a choice of 6 options, Citrus, Uplifting, Calming, Pain Management, OG, and Custom Packs. Each SYZYGY Sample Pack contains 6 SYZYGY Natural Terpene Blend 5g Sample Bottles and as a bonus a Free 5g sample of our SYZYGY Viscosity Modifer.

SYZYGY Natural Terpene Blends are crafted from terpenes derived from natural plants, i.e.  Myrcene distilled from hops or Alpha-Bisabolol extracted from German Chamomile. Whether the terpene molecule comes from Cannabis or tea leaves, a molecule is a molecule, it is the same terpene. Our goal with all of our SYZYGY Botanical products is to provide you the a clean, contaminate-free, consistent and cost-effective crafted Terpene Sensory Blends.

All of our SYZYGY Natural Terpene Blends are prepared under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). They are 100% free of fillers, solvent-less, organic, food grade and designated as GRAS. Each SYZYGY Blend is crafted with the cleanest, freshest natural terpene isolates in the market with many blends containing over 30 different isolates to give you the deepest, most robust resulting sensory experience.

Each Terpene Isolate lot is tested in-house by GCMS to ensure they contain no Pesticides, or Residual Solvents and of the highest purity. Some widely used terpenes which are contaminated by nature from the air or soil, etc. with benzene or acetone, which need to be re-distilled to bring them up to “Cannabis-Grade”.  We then retest all Isolates post-distillation by GCMS to ensure the highest quality, and lowest lot-to-lot variation in the industry.

SYZYGY Terpene Blends are blended according to a batch ticket processes then packaged for ultimate freshness in our Cleanroom in our ISO 9001:2015 facility and in accordance with cGMP’s by our staff of trained chemists.

We produce each product under stringent processes to deliver the ultimate flavor experience of each unique plant, infusing your product with the most consistent flavors and delivering the best experience for your customer.