Empower Your Senses With Science

Ricca Chemical has been a contract chemical manufacturing company in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Biofuel, Food & Beverage, Environmental, Electronic & Healthcare, Petrochemical industries for over 4 decades. As we looked to grow and expand into the Cannabis market, we saw the need for consistent, high-quality manufacturing of chemicals, especially terpenes. As people needed to put terpenes back into their product, their sources were inconsistent from lot to lot and full of contamination from residual solvents and pesticides.

We knew this had to change, and we became the solution. With our 40+ years of experience in chemical manufacturing, we have brought consistency and purity to a market without it. We are now offering our SYZYGY brand terpenes as well as other terpene based products to not only put back into your own products, but to give our customers the experience they desire when it comes to aroma chemicals.

For more information on Ricca Chemical, visit www.riccachemical.com