Terpenes are a large class of organic hydrocarbons that give plants their smells and aromas. Plants naturally produce these chemicals both as a way to protect themselves by attracting carnivores to ward of herbivores, and to help pollination by attracting pollinating insects. As humans, we use terpenes in food, therapeutics, and perfumery to not only mimic the fragrances of plants, but to add their aroma-therapeutic effects to products.

Although they may seem harmless and fragrant, our terpenes are very pure and extremely potent. Many terpenes are very volatile and flammable, and must be handled as such. Because they are extremely pure, they can cause irritation when using as is. This is why in many cosmetics and foods, terpenes are used in very small amounts.

To put simply, essential oils are mixtures of terpenes. Our terpenes are even more potent than Essential Oils, and much cleaner. SYZYGY terpenes are distilled and purified again before they are blended to ensure little to no contamination, where as essential oils usually come straight from the plant material and may be riddled with contaminants and solvents.

Glass! Terpenes are organic chemicals, and many organic compounds react with plastic and can degrade it. Glass is inert with almost all organic compounds and is much safer for handling terpenes. We also take the extra step and store our terpenes in Amber Glass bottles to help prevent any UV degradation.

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