Clementine Natural Terpene Blend

Clementine Natural Terpene Blend

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A cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk, is just as it name says – Clementine delivers a strong citrus, lemon aroma and flavor of clementines  you ate in your childhood and leaves  you feeling happy, energetic and uplifted.

Main Terpenes:

The reintroduction of Terpenes post extraction has gained popularity as the market moves toward meeting customer demands for both the potential therapeutic effects and customer preferences. Ricca offers over 25 ready made high quality, quality, natural, organic SYZYGY Terpene Strains, as well as Custom Blending Services to help you craft the ultimate experience for your customer. Our robust quality system is your assurance of consistency and the lowest lot-to-lot variability in the industry.

With Ricca, you can expect:

  • All natural, food grade, organic, and 100% free of fillers
  • Products crafted in our Cleanroom in an ISO 9001:2015 certified, cGMP compliant facility

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